Cabaret Reviews

Fragments of a Star

July 12, 2017 Bart Greenberg 0

By BART GREENBERG****Cabaret tributes to performers (as opposed to songwriters) tend to come in three categories: dull life facts; pale imitations; or passion for the performer’s persona rather than the performer’s music. Not always, but […]


Not a Mistake in Sight

June 13, 2017 Bart Greenberg 0

By BART GREENBERG**** Old friends get together for an evening of songs. Two wrote them. Two sing them. Sounds like nothing more than a pleasant evening. But when the two who wrote them are two of […]

Cabaret Reviews

The Return of the Drag Queens

March 13, 2017 Bart Greenberg 0

The New York’s Next Top Drag Queen contest returned for a 5th season on Thursday, March 9 at its regular home, The Metropolitan Room. Ten daring performers are competing for the honor this year, and […]

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