The Morning After – An Interview With MargOH! Channing

The magnificent boozy chanteuse MargOH! Channing returns to Pangea for a follow-up show to her previously acclaimed programs, Tipsy and Uncorked, with MargOH! Channing Is Hung, exploring “the morning after” in all its regrets and alcoholic memories. The show will be presented on November 17th and December 15th, in a special Christmas edition, each evening at 7 p.m.

During our telephone conversation, MargOH! spoke excitedly about her new show while she was preparing a chicken dinner. The 2014 MAC-nominee explained that this show is a departure for her and her audience since she will be on her own – her previous cohort in fun and adventure, MAN-ee Champagne, having deserted her, and we will see a more vulnerable side to this party girl. It is the journey of a single woman expressed through all new songs for her, with some original compositions by the lady herself.

Actually, she won’t be totally alone on the stage, since MargOH! has a special friend stopping by for each show. In October, it was former Village People cowboy Randy Jones, who just can’t get enough of MargOH! and may be the only person alive who can drink her under the table. In November, it is the fabulous Ruby Powers, portraying MargOH!’s younger sister Rita from Bangor, Maine. MargOH! assures us it will include some “fabulous duets” for the two divas. And in December, the equally fantastic Flotilla Debarge will be “her black Santa” for some special Christmas material. MargOH! is also assisted by her musical director, Tracy Stark. This is their 10th show together and MargOH! credits her with constantly reminding her that “less” can be more effective.

So pour yourself a drink and get to the intimate Pangea to enjoy a morning after that doesn’t require aspirin to enjoy. Pangea is located at 178 Second Avenue in downtown Manhatan. For reservations, call 212-995-0900 or
go to Door is $20 online/25 at the door – cash ony – with a $20 food/beverage minimum.