Pick of the Week: Those Girls Triumph with Those Harmonies & Arrangements on Wednesday 5/17 at the Beechman

BY ROB LESTER**** To say that Those Girls have topped their spectacular debut-as-a-group, MAC Award-winning show is saying a lot. They’ve raised the bar sky high now, as the new show — vocally, visually, instrumentally emotionally — is as satisfying as a master chef’s Thanksgiving banquet with every course a delicious treat, presented   Those Girls (left to right): Eve Eaton, Rachel Hanser, Karen Mack, Wendy Russell

and relished in ways that please with each item, topped with a favorite dessert (an encore from their first show, in this otherwise completely new set of songs with the superbly crafted, very original arrangements of director Lennie Watts and pianist/musical director Steven Ray Watkins).  It makes one almost want to write a semi-epic poem of praise called “Ode to Those Girls of Glory.” Did I say “almost”?

They’re terrific! They’re talented! They’re the top! And they’re ba-aa-ack!!!

They’re Eve Eaton, Rachel Hanser, Wendy Russell, Karen Mack.

Those Girls sing with and from their souls and their hearts,

And the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

Even tho’ each is so all aglow, all alone

In charm/harmony, it’s a zone all their own.

They have a quality we reviewers deem “star”

And bring it to each piece in their fine repertoire.

They reinvent songs; they don’t simple recycle

The way we heard Lady Gaga or Prince or George Michael.

Who knew Frank Perdue’s faves would meet the Glenn Miller beat?

“Steam Heat” was a treat; the groove in the movements makes this package complete. 


With country, the club sparks; with rock, and the boîte  spins.  

With the welcome, wise wonders done so well by Watkins.  

Add ace bassist Matt Scharflass and the whole place is humming. 

Ted Stafford’s guitars gel with Don Kelly’s drumming.

Watts plots lots of bits, makes the best of all spots,

You’d be remiss to miss this bliss. You have 2 more shots.*


*Two more shots to see Those Girls: Wednesday, May 17 at 7 PM and Sunday, June 4 at 4 PM  at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in the West Bank Cafe, 407 West 42 Street.

www.westbankcafe.com/www.laurie-beechman-theatre   Reservations: phone 212-352-3101 / Ovation Tix

Visit thosegirlssing.com

Follow Those Girls on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thosegirlsnyc/?fref=nf