The Edge of Everyday Starring Sandra Bargman May 30th

Sandra Bargman will be joining Founding Executive Director, Jessie Fahay, Tuesday, May 30th at 7pm at The Elektra Theatre, to raise money for the important work of Ripple Effects Artists. “Ripple Effect Artists Inc. addresses injustice and causes social impact through art — primarily by producing masterful plays – presenting them along with talk-back discussions in partnership with educators and advocacy groups. These events, our education, and our game-changing philanthropy cultivate empathy, shift audiences from apathy to action and create a ripple effect in the larger community.”


Sandra Bargman will reprise her show, The Edge of Everyday, and will be joined on the bill by a principal dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company and Founder of Exquisite Muse Productions, Katherine Crockett.

Sandra Bargman’s Musical Director and maestro, pianist Ian Herman, will be joining her, along with Jerry DeVore on bass and David Silliman on percussion.

The Elektra Theatre is located at 300 West 43 Street, New York, NY. To read more about the cause and order tickets:

Ripple Effect artists, in a joint statement, believe in:
“•Theatre and the ability it has to inspire an audience to make a difference
•Student empowerment
•Theatrical, game-changing philanthropy: Each of our productions donates a significant portion of box office Proceeds towards human rights organizations/initiatives
•Dialogue inspired by theatre with our talk-back presentations with partnering organizations and educators
•International outreach and the impact of art on the world
•Inspiring young student-actors to create their own Ripple Effect
•Complimentary tickets for students, so that they can enjoy the power of theatre
•Honoring masterful playwrights with powerful messages of their own
•Honoring artistry by honoring our actors.”

Reviews for Sandra Bargman:

“Her cabaret performance… is not only dynamic but powerfully spiritual. The talented Bargman combines a contemporary vibe with a depth and wisdom moving vertically rather than horizontally through her clever performance. Bargman is an oversized sunflower with a distinctive voice.- Karen Feld, Political Mavens

“Every once in a glorious while, a cabaret entertainer comes along that makes the spectator gasp! So it goes with Sandra Bargman, The show manages to comprise a mix of cabaret, performance art, and Universalist revival meeting! Absolutely Heaven-Sent! – Andrew Martin*, NiteLifeExchange

“Sandra Bargman advanced through the audience channeling her inner Sophie Tucker, filling the room with her charisma. She managed to translate her zeal into a fascinating evening of song. “ – Joel Benjamin, Theater Pizzazz

“Guess what kind of a show a self-proclaimed ‘Queen Bee’ (loose translation: cabaret diva) who’s an ordained Interfaith minister with strong, sultry singing does? Barnstorming Bargman pontificates pluckily… it’s food for (deep) thought. – Rob Lester, / Magazine


*Rest in peace