Robyn McCorquodale’s “Garden of Angels” Is Raising Funds for Sandy Hook Promise

The following is a message from the singer-songwriter Robyn McCorquodale, whose “Garden of Angles” is dedicated to raising funds for Sandy Hook Promise, the organization whose ongoing work addresses the healing of those affected by this mass shooting tragedy.

“Five years ago, on December 14, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT was rocked by the mass shooting and loss of 20 first-graders and six educators —an unimaginable assault on beautiful human life.

Consequently, I wrote “Garden of Angels“, an Anthem honoring the victims, residents and surrounding community of Sandy Hook, and a call to action for all humanity.

Please download “Garden of Angels” today and share this e-mail with all your colleagues, friends and family. Artist proceeds from the on-line digital sales of the below mp3 to be donated to Sandy Hook Promise.

Together we can make a contribution to a hard working charity organization whose spirit remains strong. Comprised of Newtown residents, including some parents and spouses who lost loved ones in the tragedy, Sandy Hook Promise continues to do meaningful work in healing its community and effecting positive change for a safer future.

“Garden of Angels” mp3 is available for download at iTunes and CD Baby. Please visit my website to hear the whole song in my “Garden of Angels” Music Video.

I invite you to join me in honoring the victims and their families and friends, by helping bring about positive transformation in our world today.”

With Gratitude,

Robyn /

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