The Q … A Talk Show Jamboree!

Joseph Macchia, producer, creator and one of the hosts of The Q, has brought this talk show back to the Metropolitan Room stage just in time to ride the wave of the post election gabfest all of us have been immersed in since November 8th. All over the streets, you can overhear the discussions of what happened and where we’re headed. In these heady times, heading to The Q jamboree each month should be added to your must-do list. The panel, which also includes Thomas Dieter, Shawn Moninger & a special guest host each month (this month it was Oscar Aydin), brings the conversation to you in the audience in a way that challenges your mind, with quick, witty repartee and unique perspectives.

The topic this month was perfectly timed:People Doing Good in the World.” You hear that, President-elect Trump? The guests this month were Sidney Myer (booking manager at Don’t Tell Mama), Gary Wellbrock (Broadway Books First Class) & Randy Stricklin-Witherspoon (SpoonFed NYC). Each guest’s achievements included inspiring stories of what they’ve done to make the world around them a better place and reminds us that each one of us has a responsibility to figure out how we can help others and do good for our society, one deed at a time. The format also includes music and the irrepressible Sidney Myer sang “Pocketful Of Miracles” (Music James Van Heusen/Lyrics Sammy Cahn), backed by pianist Tracy Stark. I kept thinking, “Yes, Sidney Claus, miracles can happen, so let’s start emptying our pockets, attics, closets you name it.” Sean Moninger, another long time staple in the cabaret world, was joined by David Friedman at the piano and perfectly delivered Mr. Friedman’s “We Live on Borrowed Time.”

As members of the studio audience, we are incorporated into the show throughout, but especially at the opening of the program when questions, solicited from us in advance, get pulled from a fishbowl for the hosts to answer. The answers, given during the banter among the hosts, ranged from intelligent and pithy to fun and quirky –plus everything in between. I, for one, feel a bit better knowing that, in this time of so much uncertainty, The Q is open for business with these smart discussions keeping us entertained and informed with the participants’ individual takes on things, while casting their collective Q eye on the world around us. The next The Q is scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd at Metropolitan Room … I’m sure between now and then, things aren’t going to get any more boring … Get to The Q to see what they add to the dialogue!