Piano Bar Reunion with John McMahon & featuring Aaron Lee Battle, Elaine Brier & Kathy ‘Babe’ Robinson

ScoBar Entertainment is proud to present another PIANO BAR REUNION, the next in a series of successful shows reuniting the great piano bar entertainers of New York City. A PIANO BAR REUNION, featuring JOHN McMAHON on the keys, will be Sunday, March 5, 2017 at The Laurie Beechman Theatre at 7 pm. Joining John will be featured piano bar icons Aaron Lee Battle, Elaine Brier & Kathy “Babe” Robinson.

      For those who were there back in the day, the names of these old-timers will ring well-remembered bells, rekindling memories of times they still miss.  For those who missed the boozy boat because they were in other towns or were in diapers,  here’s a chance to glimpse what it was like.  Years may pass, clubs may come and go, but these veterans are still vibrant.  

     And there’s no nostalgia like fun nostalgia with some old songs and old friends —and new friends to meet.  Jump into the time machine and let’s recreate the old days and the old ways.  Be a fly on the wall as the performers recall the funny things that happened, their all-time audience song-specialty favorites, wacky parodies of the era, and affectionately tease each other.  7 PM may be prime time, but we’ll have an “anything goes” late-night feel for this flashback.  There’ll be extra oldies-but-goodies from another good ol’ pal who may drop in.  Or maybe you yourself will lift your voice in song if our jovial host calls on you and you just so happen to accidentally on purpose have some sheet music in your pocket.  Cozy, casual camaraderie is king.    

       As he’s shown in other ScoBar Piano Bar raise-the-bar nights, singing host and pianist John McMahon is wickedly witty and full of spunk and sparkle as ever, showing the ivories are still ticklish.  Expect his uber-clever original songs to be in the mix.  His last Beechman appearance was just days ago as musical director with longtime pal Marta Sanders.  Aaron Lee Battle can still belt and blast with the best of ‘em, winks and sass and showstopping included.  And I’ve got you, Babe, we can still sing out to the ageless Ms. Robinson as she recalls and recreates the boisterous, bubbly nights when she held forth at The Duplex.  And some things truly never change: Elaine Brier indeed still holds court at Don’t Tell Mama (Does anyone still wear a hat?) with her Cheshire Cat grin and tongue-in-cheek shenanigans.  

     What’s better than toasting yesterday with misty eyes from a distance?  Re-living it at the same time or getting a chance to see with clear eyes what all the fuss was like.  “Those were the days, my friend/ We thought they’d never end…” Maybe they don’t have to…completely.  Come party like it’s 1999.  Or 1988 at 88’s.  Or earlier.  When this was the city that never sleeps and NYC stood for Nocturnal, Youthful Cabaret and nobody told you to turn off your cell phone because it hadn’t been invented and Donald Trump was busy with a casino and you’d go downtown to get a little cheerily loaded instead of downloading a movie and staying home and going to bed at a reasonable hour.   Cheers!

Get that sheet music ready! A Piano Bar Reunion returns with John McMahon at the keys. The ’80s, ’90s & ’00s were an amazing three decades for the piano bar scene in New York City when venues like The Duplex Piano Bar, Don’t Tell Mama, Brandy’s, Eighty-Eights, The Five Oaks, Broadway Baby, Waverly Waverly, Marie’s Crisis, Sam’s, Judy’s, Helen’s, Danny’s, Rose’s Turn & Mama Roses created very special “sanctuaries” for an amazing team of talent that kept the nightlife jumping until the early hours of the morning. Revisit those halcyon nights!

To purchase tickets, visit this direct link: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/968779