CONTEST!: Win a prize by identifying the Mystery NiteLife Person of the Week!

WHO IS IT?????

and who is itWin 2 cabaret CDs or a free admission or free drink at a cabaret and become next week’s Person of the Week yourself!  Click on the […] icon to READ MORE and get the hints!  Figure it out–think, think, think–and win!

Here are your HINTS.  First 2 people to correctly identify the person get the prizes and one becomes next week’s NiteLife Person of the Week!

1.   Cabaret and NYC nightlife owes a lot to this person who is no longer with us, but was more than a friend to

2.  The person’s first and last names total just of three syllables, each of which is spelled in a way that is a word on its own.

3.  If you alphabetize those individual syllables, the first is also an abbreviation for one of the 12 months of the year and is also the name of a character of a long-running TV situation comedy about a family.

4. Alphabetically, the middle syllable is a noun that is singular and is a word in the title of some famous standards, such as one from 1924 by the Gershwins, and an oldie sung by Barbra Streisand on disc, many concerts and in a film.  And it rhymes with something useful in this heat wave.

5. Alphabetically organized, the last of the three syllables is also the name of a famous street in downtown Manhattan and is something that is a goal of Donald Trump’s plans as President.

and whoooo is it

___________   _____________   _______________  So, as you can see, it’s someone whose first name has one syllable and last name has two syllables or a two-syllable first name and one-syllable surname.