Through the Lens of Natasha

Natasha Castillo – Staff Photorgrapher “Through the Lens of Natasha”
Natasha Castillo is a performer, videographer, supporter and lover of cabaret and music!   With three full shows under her belt with “the in-demand and decidedly dynamic duo—director Lennie Watts and Musical Director Steven Ray Watkins, the spotlight now more and more Feels Like Home sweet home (excerpt from Cabaret Scenes review by Rob Lester)” decided to share and promote music with her new creative project as co-creator and host of the monthly “Spotlight On YOU Open Mic”.
Natasha loves live music and performers.  She is thrilled to be staff photographer for NiteLife Exchange! Documenting performances in videos/photos is one of her JOYS so don’t be shy about sharing a moment through the lens of Natasha!
Through The Lens of Natasha Photo Gallery