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Additional benefits to advertising in our classifieds:
Six times a year, we will include you in our special e-blast that goes to our list, which will include all classified advertisers.
NiteLife Exchange’s classified ads section will be promoted by postcards at all major events, including the Mabel Mercer Cabaret Convention, MAC Awards, Bistro Awards, as well as distributed to all cabaret room/clubs.
Banner ads promoting the NiteLife Exchange classified ads will be running on other entertainment websites.

Pricing for Classifieds

Minimum Run is 6 months.

$30 a month for 6 months – $180

$25 a month for 1 year – $300

Ads should be a minimum of 560 pixels wide by 330 pixels.

Please include a bio and website link with your your ad.

All advertising can be paid via PayPal or check. For further information or to purchase an ad, contact us at

Disclaimer: NiteLife Exchange’s Classified Ads is a paid advertising section. NiteLife Exchange cannot guarantee the quality of the services offered.