Who Will Richard Skipper’s Mystery Guest Be on June 18? Guess and Win Free Entry! (Hints here)

Who Will Richard Skipper’s Mystery Guest Be on June 18? Guess and Win Free Entry! (Hints here) It’s a contest!  Want to get into the June 18 brunch show for free when the irrepressible  Richard Skipper Celebrates Father’s Day ?  (The show is at the Laurie Beechman Theatre at West Bank Cafe, on Father’s Day, this Sunday, June 18 at 1 pm.) Well, put on your thinking cap.
One of the extra special moments in this ongoing series is an additional performance by a special mystery guest. Previous Mystery Guests have included Melba Moore, Anita Gillette, Hilary Kole, Stacy Sullivan, Jana Robbins, Seth Sikes, Carole Demas, and Ruby Rakos. The mystery guest is a closely guarded secret that people don’t know until the Big Reveal when you come to the show which will also feature performances by singers Sarah RiceDavid SabellaWarren Schein, and Mark Watson — plus, of course, the host and ever-quotable quipper: dapper whippersnapper Skipper, clapper known for enthusiastic applause and cheerleading.
NiteLifeExchange knows who the Guest will be,
But, alas, we are sworn to Skipper Secrecy.
We can not divulge this performer’s name.
Although a few hints could make it a game.
And if you can guess, you’ll get a prize:
You won’t pay the cover charge like the other guys
 So, if you want to get in free,
Think what the answers to these questions should be:
  1. One of the syllables in this performer’s first or last name sounds just like one of the syllables in the name of this website: NiteLifeExchange.com.
  2. Earlier this century, this performer hosted the MAC Awards and has won a slew of cabaret awards on both coasts.
  3. Actually, this artist performed a song at the very first MAC Awards show.
  4. This ageless performer did a cabaret show this spring (with more dates to come) which was reviewed at this website.
  5. This performer debuted on Broadway in a musical in the 1980s, winning one major theatre award and was nominated for another.
  6. This performer’s first or last name begins with the same letter as either the first or last name of Richard Skipper.
  7. Onstage, this performer claims to have been raised by Keebler elves, toiling away at the task of inserting chocolate chips into cookies. We can believe it about this “tough cookie” whose current show’s title involves two other kinds of food.             

If you think you know the answer, please send your guess to scobarent@gmail.com

Here’s the show you could be seeing for FREE

Russ Woolley proudly presents Richard Skipper Celebrates … A Special Father’s Day Brunch Show celebrating the birthdays of Jeanette MacDonald and Sammy Cahn, and remembering Peter Allen on the anniversary of his passing. Sunday June 18th at 1 pm at The Laurie Beechman Theatre below The West Bank Cafe at 407 West 42 Street.

Musical guests for the event are Sarah Rice, who’s known for her cabaret work as well as soprano roles, including being the original Johanna on Broadway in Sweeney Todd, one of her frequent concert co-stars, the versatile baritone, Mark Watsonactor-singer David Sabella (first to play Mary Sunshine in the revival of Chicago, among other theatre, opera, and recording credits) and comic/singer Warren Schein.

RULES:  No one who has been engaged to this performer or who has contributed to NiteLifeExchange.com or the Wendell Wilkie Presidential campaign or the Bernie Furshpan Sings Edith Piaf Songs in Japanese CD Box Set Kickstarter Campaign is eligible. Void where prohibited or annoying or where wild guesses are considered wild.  Cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, or bacon. Not responsible for emails which do not arrive due to your own careless typos or problematic computer skills.  No professional private eye or detective agency may be engaged to track down the identity of the mystery guest.  Entry to brunch show does not imply a proposal of marriage, a booking at the venue, or the promise of extra bev-naps.  All entries must be received by June 17 or the end of the civilized world as we know it, whichever comes first.  No purchase necessary to enter, but there is a food/drink minimum at the show, so save your appetite and don’t fill up on bread.  Do not go swimming or sing a Kurt Weill ballad within 60 minutes of eating.  The mystery guest’s family members are not allowed to enter, except for cousin Shirley who nobody tells anything to anyway.  Void in Yugoslavia.  Those without computer and Email access can request a handwritten entry form via Facebook or Yahoo Instant Message.  No entries written in lipstick will be accepted.  Anyone affected by Trump’s travel ban is especially encouraged to enter, even if you can’t enter the country.  Limit of 34 entries per person, or, 52 entries for those with no life. No one under the age of 18 months can enter.  A rain check for the prize is not offered if you win and don’t want to come because it is raining.  Prize is not transferable, except to your father, since it’s Father’s Day.  Spelling counts.