Universal & KMG sign on to Distribute Marcus Goldhaber CD “Carry You On”

A CD collection of story-based musical pieces from noted singer/songwriter Marcus Goldhaber, created to bridge the disconnect between civilians and military veterans through music (or, quite simply, to #BridgeTheGap) is
titled Carry You On.  50% of all physical album sales will go directly to support the efforts of Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America (www.iava.org).  The styles are diverse, but the mission is clearly unified. Known for his vivid tunesmithing and intimate approach to The American Songbook, Goldhaber has crafted “new windows into the everyday lives of veterans and their families.”  and the recording expresses his deep passion to fortify the civilian-veteran relationship and is set for release, appropriately, on Veterans Day.  Carry You On is the culmination of a five-year journey that has taken the 2016 MAC Award nominee to military and patriotic stages, performing these songs at Super Bowl and Fleet Week events, and at the nation’s largest Veterans Day Parade and Independence Day celebration.

According to press notes, “these songs combine to push through the barrage of media sound bites and create a lasting conversation that goes beyond ‘thank you for your service.’ As Joseph Brooks, President & COO of Liberty USO says, “It’s the start of a movement!”

Project Highlights:
• Release of initial single, “Come Home America” on Veterans Day 2013
• Goldhaber tapped by official Super Bowl event organizers for live world premiere at 2014 Super Bowl Celebrity Sweat (Nelly, Doug Flutie, Evander Holyfield)
• AXS.com/AEG Live profiled Goldhaber to preview project in summer 2014 at WaWa Welcome America Festival
• Sold-out Memorial Day concert at NYC’s famed Cutting Room, official 2014 Fleet Week NY event, singled out by the NY Times
• Other noted performances: Veterans Square Monument Dedication (Bucks County, PA), Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia, PA), America’s Parade (NYC 2015 & 2016).
• December 2017 – $70K pledged through kickstarter to record Carry You On!

Album Credits:

Marcus Goldhaber, lead vocals/piano

Thad DeBrock, guitars/vocals/tambourine/keyboard/string arrangements (Duncan Sheik, Ari Hest)
Todd Caldwell, piano/rhodes/b3 organ (Crosby, Stills & Nash, Buffalo Springfield)
Jon Cowherd, piano/rhodes/b3 (Cassandra Wilson, Joni Mitchell)
Andy Hess, bass (Joan Osborne, Black Crowes)
Yuval Lion, drums (Suzanne Vega, Sharon Jones)
Hiroko Taguchi, violin/viola (James Taylor, David Bowie)
Elon Bisk, cello (Great Comet, Rocky)
CJ Camerieri, trumpet (Paul Simon, Bon Iver)
Produced by Thad DeBrock

Behind the Songs, in Goldhaber’s words:
“Earn This” — “This is a story about a civilian husband who tells his wife, ‘If you’re gonna leave us and risk your life, you better earn your time away.’”

“That’s My Dad” — “This song highlights the different perspective of the veteran-civilian relationship from when I was growing up versus how kids (and adults) view veterans today.”  Lyric quote: “It is our duty to engage with every vet of every age, to help their conscience clear, to let ‘em know we’re here.”

“Carry You On” – “As the lyric says, it is the civilians’ turn to carry our veterans on into the next chapter of their lives and to do our part to ease that transition.” Lyric quote: “You’ve been gone for so long, patient and strong, now it’s our turn to carry you on.”

“Cassandra Knows “— “This explores a woman coming to terms with her decision to leave her husband and join the Marines after losing family on 9/11.”

“Come Home America” — “This song expresses the great need for civilians to not only honor our service members, but to truly appreciate and understand the depth of their training, the strength of their morals and the incomparable value they contribute to our society. All this, alongside an overwhelming desire for our service men and women to come home and for wartime to be gone.” Lyric quote:  “And to the soldiers who have died, we bear your name.”

“The Difference You Make” —- This song offers the veteran and active duty service members’ perspective towards civilians who are more helpful than they realize.”

“I’m Coming Home”—- After seven years stationed around the world and away from family, a service member is awakened, ordered to pack up and ship out. Expecting to be be transferred yet another time, he instead discovers that he is finally coming home.

“Sometimes I Wish” — This song is meant to illustrate the concept of survivor’s guilt and how many veterans struggle moving on in their lives without those who served by their side.” Lyric quote: “Sometimes I wish that it were me instead of them”

“A Soldier’s Waltz” —- A story of a soldier who misses his son.

Song for Peace” — “This song is meant to deepen the understanding of what a military family goes through and bring people together around a hopeful message of peace.”  Lyric quote:  “Every soldier needs a shoulder, don’t fear them, just hear them.”

Non-Goldhaber songs also included:
“G.I. Jive” by Johnny Mercer
“America the Beautiful”—music: Samuel A. Ward, lyric by Katharine Lee Bates
“We Can Be Kind” by David Friedman

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