The Final Night of Cabaret Convention Cornucopia

By ROB LESTER**** Last call! Last chance! The big cabaret extravaganza ends October 19. Here, in rhyme this time, are some pre-show comments from this long-time cabaret observer/journalist: 

The big event ends tonight—Do I have to mention:

I speak of the annual Cabaret Convention.

Circle around to Columbus Circle, the area which

Will sparkle with talents like great Billy Stritch.

It’s a night that may be quite the highlight of all that they have in

The Rose Theater, but what’s sweeter than the names that James Gavin

Brought on Wednesday with a course in Cabaret 101?

That was bliss and was history and fabulous fun.

But this evening, more music and lyrics are poured

It’s like a music museum —don’t forget Liam–Mr. Charm (whose true last name is Forde)

Stacy Sullivan, too, and but, hey, what else is new?

Each year here she’ll appear a grand standout for you.

And there will be a    gracious host who’s named Klea

(Miss Blackhurst) with many a clever idea—

A pip with a quip, but also quite hip, plus Eric Yves–that is Mr. Garcia.

They’ll fit all of them in — plus Valerie Lemon —and I guarantee

That Miss Carol Woods will deliver the goods. As for me, gee, I’m thanking KT.

There are two Josephines —(1): Bianco, who’s still in her teens

(See the feature in Cabaret Scenes when they pass out the free magazines)

And (2) Ms. Sanges, a fast-rising star.

P.S., yes, I guess we’ll see Shana Farr.

So! Go! There’s Kristoffer Lowe and others you know who will glow in the show

The music will flow, an award they’ll bestow to some fine dynamo.

So stop reading this poem; leave your home in a hurry

Or you might have to worry that you will miss Todd Murray

They’ll squeeze all of them in, plus Valerie Lemon, and, by the way, Amra-Faye Wright

It should be, you can see, quite a delight.

They’ll salute Richard Whiting, which is kind of exciting, and, oh!  Hoagy Carmichael, too.

That Matt Baker is a musical mover and shaker, a jazzy, pizzazzy, cool man

In the feast, last/not least: Tammy McCann.

Thus, when you enter Jazz at Lincoln Center, you’ll begin to be in Heaven as well.

A review I will do and some afterthoughts, too. With this series, there’s so much to tell.


The Cabaret Convention series of concerts ends tonight, Thursday, October 19.  Show time is 6 PM at Jazz at Lincoln Center (West 60th Street and Broadway, opposite Columbus Circle) in the Rose Theater. 

See for more information and tickets  $25-$100, with $10 “Rush” tickets for students and MAC members with appropriate ID at the lobby-level box office. See and





It should be quite a night with Amra-Faye Wright



With songs of Hoagy Carmichael and Richard Whiting