This Weekend’s FREE Events at the Cabaret Festival

Joie Bianco

BY ROB LESTER**** Cabaret and jazz favorites sing in free concerts and a seminar— Joie Bianco (pictured), Nicolas King Matt Baker,

Matt Baker, photo by Joan Jaffe

Joan Jaffe, Veronica Swift, Cynthia Crane, Barbara Malley, Ira Lee Collings, Robin Westle, Jon Weber 

Joie Bianco

and two pre-teens—all in the 15th annual Cabaret Festival in Long Beach, Long Island.  I’ll be there, too, co-moderating a Saturday afternoon panel with Susan James, founder of the sponsoring non-profit, A.I.P. (Artists in Partnership) at the Long Beach Library right near the LIRR train stop.  Events are listed in the accompanying full article (see link below to article with headline beginning A”ll Shows Freee….”).   Also see

Come one, come all, to the cabaret!

above: Veronica Swift, photo by Joan Jaffe  (and Joan herself is pictured below, at left)

    Joan Jaffe (left) ;Nyla Robotham (right) 

 Julian Lerner (left) and Nicolas King (right)