The Q Talk Show – Chat with a Definite View

 The Q Talk Show has returned to The Metropolitan Room and this is  very good news indeed. The monthly chat show features four gay men of varied  ages, backgrounds and interests —-discussing, needling, joking and
 informing the audience on a specific theme each month. Demonstrations, audience interaction  and special guests are all part of the fun.

 This Saturday, November 12, the boys return with a program built around the theme, “People Who Make a Difference.” Joseph Macchia, producer  and creator of the series, is joined by his regular panel mates Thomas  Dieter, Rev. Shawn Moninger and special guest host Oscar Aydin. Also joining in on the fun will be cabaret legend Sidney Meyer, Gary Wellbrock and Randy Stricklin-Witherspoon, along  with some surprises.

 The first program of the season took place on October 8 and, in addition to the regulars, included special guest co-host ex-military Marcus Phillips.  The four Panelists had a delightful chemistry, interacting with each
 other and the  audience (which including friends, husbands and mothers). Two inter-related  themes, “The Art of Drag” and “How to Throw a Halloween Party,” were both explored  in a variety of ways.

 As part of the latter theme, Macchia demonstrated some inexpensive but clever and attractive decorations for a home Halloween party and Dieter offered up some “ghoulish” drink recipes. The assembled also revealed their plans for  the special night.

Regarding the first theme, the afternoon featured three fabulous drag queens: hilarious Ruby Powers, vocalist Nomi  Sas – who offered an exquisite rendition of the jazz standard “Skylark”  – and veteran Ruby Rims, who
 offered fascinating stories about the gay nightlife in the ’80s and rise of drag as an entertainment form.

The afternoon also featured reminiscences of past experiences as gay men and a contest about who best modeled kinky boots. In other words, Q Talk is a very wide range of  seriousness and silliness, all presented in
 the most open and encompassing  fashion.

The next program is Saturday, November 12 at 4:00 pm at The Metropolitan Room, 34 W. 22nd St. in New York City. General admission is $10 plus a two drink  minimum. Tickets can be purchased in advance at or reservations can be made at 212-206-0440.