Tanya Holt Joins the Cast of Pompie’s Place, An Interview with Jonathan Shade

Photo: Stephen Sorokoff
Article by Penny Landau / Interview by Jonathan Shade ~

As a new version of the critically acclaimed pop-up blues show Arthur Pomposello’s “Pompie’s Place” takes up residence at Pangea (178 Second Avenue) toward the tail end of July, a familiar face joins the celebrated show, as Blues/Jazz vocalist Tanya Holt becomes the newest member of the  immersive “Pompie’s Place.”

Familiar to many cabaret aficionados as the former booker at Metropolitan Room , Tanya Holt shows off the amazing vocal chops that garnered her both MAC and Bistro Awards.

NiteLife Exchange’s Jonathan Shade sits down with Holt to talk about her career, what led her to “Pompie’s Place” and just why this show is so important to today’s music scene.