Our Juan-in-a-Million NiteLife Person of the Week

and who is itWho’ll win Saturday’s cabaret singing contest for those up to age 18 at a NYC cabaret??  Our Person of the Week, Juan DerHoo (pictured) is curious to go and see which of the brave and talented hopefuls of tomorrow will be the newest MetroMinor champion. The competition is at Metropolitan Room, an offshoot of their annual summer talent search, MetroStar.  Sing out, Louise!!  The one-day event, held occasionally at the club, awards prizes and performance opportunities to kids and teens who show the strongest ability to connect with audiences and age-appropriate material as cabaret junior leaguers with potential to step into the big league.  Judges include contest creator Joseph Macchia who does booking and producing for some some shows at the venue, multi-award-winning cabaret star Stacy Sullivan, and cabaret journalist/reviewer Rob Lester of NiteLifeExchange and Cabaret Scenes magazine.  The show—or showdown— is down at 34 West 22nd Street in Manhattan at 1:00 pm Saturday (December 3).  Open to the public to watch, with admission charge and minimum, and the young competitors came earlier to rehearse with the pianist.  (No one is allowed to perform to pre-recorded tracks.)  Juan DerHoo has watched these contests over the last years and says, “I wonder who will win. I’ll be eager to know which  wonderful one won.” DerHoo, an actor known for his spot-on imitations (and limitations) of an inflatable yellow beach ball and the summer sun in the movie Beach Party Cabaret, and appears as a lemon drop in the annual Christmas Candy Follies.  

Contact Joseph@MetropolitanRoom.com to find out about entering the club’s singing contests for those under and over 18.   www.MetropolitanRoom.com

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