Natalie Douglas for NYE at The Duplex

natalied                                  Seven-time Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs, Back Stage Bistro and Nightlife Award Winner, Natalie Douglas, returns to her annual New Year's Eve Bash with TWO shows at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre on Monday, December 31 @ 7:30pm & 10:30pm -  includes champagne toast!

atalie Douglas' New Year's Eve performances in Greenwich Village have become a New York ritual, with this her 15th NYE Bash. Through her performances at New York's The Town Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center, the legendary Birdland jazz club, Feinstein's at Loews Regency and various venues throughout the country, Natalie has become one of the most sought after cabaret/jazz/blues artists in New York City.

This year at 7:30pm,, Natalie, with Musical Director Mark Hartman, a veteran of Broadway pits, will open the evening with their traditional NYE bash, A Very Natalie New Year - a collection of their favorite celebratory tunes, putting you in the perfect mood to head off to your late night plans.

Then at 10:30pm, enjoy the long-standing NYC tradition of Natalie Douglas' 15th New Year's Eve Bash. Come join Natalie and Mark in their late night edition of  A Very Natalie New Year, as they perform some of their favorites, tunes debuted just for this exclusive crowd, your "special" requests, perhaps a little bit of Christmas and a smidgen of Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Lena Horne, Barbra Streisand and more, as they ring in the New Year with old and new friends.

What critics have said:

"An artist of a much higher caliber."

- Theatermania

"She is considered what Green Acres' Eva Gabor would call a "shoosting star," a friendly, unimposing presence with a monstrous talent."

- Next Magazine

"...when she belts, she's got enough pipes to outfit a plumber's convention. The truth is... she's got everything."

- The NY Daily News

"... Douglas' tone and timbre are unmistakable. Douglas has never been in better voice... "

- Show Business Weekly

"Douglas now sings with more power, support and-most importantly-unbridled joy than ever before...amazing."

- ShowBusinessWeeklyOnline

"The roof shook as her voice echoed across the island of Manhattan. In a roller coaster of emotion, she rips into some rhythm and blues ballads that instantly recall a younger Nancy Wilson. A diva to be reckoned with."

- Cabaret Hotline

The Duplex Cabaret Theatre is located at 61 Christopher Street, at 7th Avenue South. There is a $45 cover charge and a 2 drink minimum for the 7:30pm show. There is a $75 cover charge and a 2 drink minimum for the 10:30pm show. Complimentary champagne toasts are available at all shows. Complimentary late night nibbles will be provided for the late show. Tickets can be purchased at

For more info, visit

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