Marilyn Maye, NiteLife Person of the Week, at Metropolitan Room, January 11-14

By Rob Lester

They say Marilyn Maye IS Entertainment!

Have you ever wanted to know what going insane meant?

Observe the fervent zeal of her fans when they’re cheering

The swell belting showstoppers they’re hearing

For “one more time” songs the audience craves

And, for fun, for this run, they can ask for their faves

For the act, in fact, is called Marilyn By Request.

So your own task is to ask for what you like the best.

Right! You give the title when you place your call

She might stay all night and she’ll sing ’em all.

Be sure that your seat or seats are reserved.

She’s the star they call “Marvelous”– justly deserved.

Then there’s the energy — mammoth supplies

And there is positivity;  spirits will rise.

Her zest is the best, and ballads ring true

Ms. Maye, cabaret was invented for you.


NiteLife Person of the Week, MARILYN MAYE, performs at the Metropolitan Room (34 West 22 Street, Manhattan) January 11, 12, 13 and 14 at 7 PM each evening.  

Call 212-206-0440 or make online reservations at

Cover Charge is $45 for these shows plus food/beverage minimum.  (Past patrons should be aware that as of New Year’s, the club’s minimum in addition to the cover is now $25 and can now be applied to food and/or drinks, rather than the two-beverage minimum formerly instituted.) 

PHOTO CREDITS: KEVIN ALVEY (top of page); MARYANN LOPINTO (performance photo on bottom)