Elaine Brier in Put Your Funny Where Your Mouth Is

Article: Nite Life Exchange ~
Elaine Brier is a singer/comedienne who has been entertaining people with inappropriate material for longer than she cares to remember. A native New Yorker from the Bronx, she attended the High School of Music and Art to study vocal music and did not dance on a table even once. She started her performing career in the 90’s, singing in local New York City piano bars and practicing the fine art of shtick. Elaine has done many other things over the years such as voice overs, commercials, television, corporate gigs, birthing babies, etc… but performing for a live audience is still where her passion lies. She won the Backstage Bistro Award in 2003 for her one woman show, “Jirque du Soleil,” and was given the MAC Award for “Best Piano Bar Performer” in 2015. She has been a staple at Don’t Tell Mama Piano Bar for over 20 years and is very happy to have it as her second home. Elaine has three kids and hopes to write some songs that they are allowed to listen to some day.

Put Your Funny Where Your Mouth Is is Elaine’s first venture out of the piano bar since her children usurped her life. Through musical comedy, she reflects upon motherhood, divorce, returning to college after 25 years, religion, and shamelessly lowering her standards. This show contains all new material and she is very excited to inflict it upon the masses.