Billy Lykken Makes Metropolitan Room Debut with Sacred Monster – One Night Only February 5

Billy Lykken, who Cabaret Scenes called a “thrilling discovery,” will make his Metropolitan Room debut on Sunday, February 5th at 4:00 pm in Sacred Monster. The show, which premiered earlier this year at Don’t Tell Mama for two sold-out performances, was recently nominated for a 2016 BroadwayWorld Cabaret Award for “Best Debut Show.”

Sacred Monster is an alt-cabaret experience featuring Billy Lykken’s queer brand of comedy and outrageous parody, as well as his interpretations of songs ranging from Broadway, R&B, Jazz, and Tin Pan Alley. Lykken takes his audiences on a hyper-emotional journey of song, eyelash, and pizzazz filtered through the soul of an often heartbroken, but never bitter, sequined songstress whose eccentricities and self-destructive behavior are overshadowed by an all-consuming need to please the faithful masses.

Lykken’s debut at Don’t Tell Mama earned a rapturous review from Cabaret Scenes who said, “It happens at this volcanically victorious level VERY rarely in a reviewer’s experience, despite many, many shows seen each year. An exultant communal sense of knowing we’d be saying, ‘I was there that night it happened’ was evident. Almost like mythological magic, a one-of-a-kind fascinating creature suddenly appeared fully formed … or, in show biz lingo, a star was born!”

Directed by Rick Skye (Liza LIVE!, MaCabaret, The Flip Side of Neil Sedaka, The War of the Mama Roses, It’s Madame with and E!, Judy and Liza Together Again) and Musical Directed by Yasuhiko Fukuoka, Sacred Monster covers a wide variety of musical territory and is loaded with special material written by both Lykken and Skye.

Tickets start at $20 and are available now by calling 212-206-0440 or visiting: