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“The TV Junkie” was preceded in her family by a large mahogany cabinet that housed a small screen with a large speaker below. Thus began her love affair with the older sibling in the living room. Theirs was a tenuous relationship, prone to mishaps (forgetting to use the special “screen” for “Winky Dink”), joyous events (“Julie & Carol at Carnegie Hall”), sad moments (Clarabelle saying goodbye to the Peanut Gallery) and a wide range of emotions (the funeral of John F. Kennedy and the Inauguration of Barack Obama). From “Captain Video” to “Star Trek” to “Lost;” from “A Brighter Day” to “The Edge of Night” to “General Hospital;” from “Peyton Place” to “Dynasty” to “Desperate Housewives;” there has never been a greater love, than that of The TVJ and the best friend a girl could ever have. Follow “The TV Junkie” on Facebook:
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The Story of a “Lovely Lady”

November 28, 2016 The TV Junkie 0

Sometimes, when a celebrity passes away, we sigh and say RIP and whatever. But sometimes when a celebrity dies, we go to a place of disbelief with a resounding “Oh, NO!!!” That’s what happened when […]