To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of NiteLifeExchange.com, Publisher Scott Barbarino is proud to announce the relaunch of the newly re-designed website on  Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

Founded in 2006 by producer Scott Barbarino, who serves as Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, NiteLife Exchange is a free access website dedicated to facilitating the free flow of news & information “Where Broadway Meets Cabaret.” NiteLife Exchange offers reviews, features & interviews with major entertainers – actors, singers, composers, writers & directors & links to other major entertainment sites & blogs, all easily accessible & user-friendly.

Scott Barbarino          Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Penny Landau - Maya PR

Penny Landau – Executive Editor/Columnist – The TV Junkie

“The TV Junkie” was preceded in her family by a large mahogany cabinet that housed a small screen with a large speaker below. Thus began her love affair with the older sibling in the living room. Theirs was a tenuous relationship, prone to mishaps (forgetting to use the special “screen” for “Winky Dink”), joyous events (“Julie & Carol at Carnegie Hall”), sad moments (Clarabelle saying goodbye to the Peanut Gallery) and a wide range of emotions (the funeral of John F. Kennedy and the Inauguration of Barack Obama). From “Captain Video” to “Star Trek” to “Lost;” from “A Brighter Day” to “The Edge of Night” to “General Hospital;” from “Peyton Place” to “Dynasty” to “Desperate Housewives;” there has never been a greater love, than that of The TVJ and the best friend a girl could ever have. Follow “The TV Junkie” on Facebook:


On Twitter @thetvjunkiepml


Marilyn Lester – Associate Editor/Witer/Columnist – Ad Lib on NLE 

Michael Barbieri – Columnist – Bistro Bites

Linda Demirdjian: Columnist – Six Questions from NLE 

Bart Greenberg – Writer

Jonathan Shade – Writer

Rob Lester – Writer

Winston Mathis – Editor Online/Social Media

Diana Cosarca – Advertising/Administrative. 

Abba Carmichael – IT Consultant

Maya Public Relations, Inc. – General Press Representative